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Privacy Policy

Miyuki Keori Co., Ltd.

Privacy Policy

We recognise the importance of protecting private information in this highly informational and telecommunicational society. Based on the following policies, we protect your personal information.

Observance of law and a norm.

We observe the laws and norms about the protection and treatment of the personal information.

Management,proper collection,use and disclosure of personal information.

We have assembled a team for the management of personal information. We aim to manage and treat it properly by observing laws for the collection,use and disclosure.

Safeguard of the personal information

We prevent any unjust accessing to personal information.

We take responsibility for preventing the loss, destruction, manipulation and leakage of this information.

Company policy for the protection of private information and continuous upgrading of this policy.

All workers recognise the importance of personal information. We manage it properly with constant improvements to security.

Information and question about the personal information.

Please contact below for the further information and question about the personal information.

Miyuki Keori Co., Ltd.
Administrative department, General-affairs group : TEL +81-52-509-1600

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