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Miyuki Keori Co., Ltd.


1905 Mr.Riichiro Sobue started business of weaving mill and dyeing mill in Nagoya city, Japan.
1910 Joint-stock company, Miyuki Keori Factory was established.
1913 Woven wool fabric "Miyuki serge" achieved fame as a champion of serge fabric for kimono.
1918 Miyuki Keori Co.,Ltd was established.
1934 Shounaigawa mill was built as for spinning operation.
1957 TV programme "Miyuki Yakyu Kyoshitsu (baseball school)" began to broadcast.
1958 Luxury fabric "Fancy Tex" was launched.
1963 Miyuki became a listed company with first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market.
1970 Jouhoku mill was built and started operation as a finishing mill.
1974 Miyuki Hanbai Co.,Ltd was established.
1979 Minova Limited was established in U.K.
1980 Miyuki Pastoral Co. PTY. Ltd was established in Australia.
1998 Complex shopping center "Miyuki Mall" was opened.
2003 Miyuki Holdings Co., Ltd was established as a controlling company of textile and retail business.
2005 The company celebrates its100th anniversary.
2009 The facilities of Johoku mill were transferred to Yokkaichi.
Finishing mill started operation as "Miyuki Yokkaichi Mill".
2013 Miyuki Keori Co., Ltd. was merged into Miyuki Holdings Co., Ltd. and the company was named as Miyuki Keori Co., Ltd.
2017 Miyuki Hanbai Co., Ltd. was merged into Miyuki Keori Co., Ltd.
2018 Toyobo Technowool Co., Ltd. was merged into Miyuki Keori Co., Ltd.
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